Tuesday, January 8, 2013


So, I’m a blog/Instagram stalker of some really random people, and I noticed a new trend this year that keeps popping up on blogs and the old I-gram. It seems that the days of making New Year’s resolutions have gone, and the days of the “word” have begun. Instead of choosing a few redundant goals to be long-forgotten by February 1st, people are choosing one word to be the theme of the next 12 months.
I like this idea. I’m a reading teacher. I am fully aware of the power that word, both negative and positive, can have. I like the thought of speaking something positive into your life, and giving you a simplistic focus for how you want to live.
In looking at all of these words that people are choosing I’ve seen some really great ones: courage, hope, success, treasure (as in treasure the season of life you’re in), determined. One little four-letter word caught my eye though, and I decided to make it mine.


Not in a negative, "I quit." kind of way, but in a completed, accomplished, finally had success kind of way. I want 2013 to be the year I get stuff done.

There's only one can't just be getting laundry done, or the grocery shopping done. It has to mean getting things I've wanted to do done. Done must apply to those things I have over-planned (to the point of not doing them), made excuses for, ignored, procrastinated, and simply been afraid of. Done must apply to things like really running a 5k, being consistent in Bible study, really learning how to sew, taking time to hang out with friends, painting my kitchen cabinets, enjoying life. I want to take the list of things that I always wish I would do and mark them completed. 
So, why choose "done"? Simple. I want to take advantage of life. We all love that feeling of accomplishing something, and there's no reason to not have it in more areas of life. I think I get weighed down by plans and wanting conditions to be perfect, and I miss the opportunity to try something new or finish something I have started. I need some follow-through. I need to learn to let go sometimes and appreciate baby steps. I need to learn to be ok with going through a process and not having immediate results. (and not quitting when I don't get them)
So, 2013 shall forever be known as the Year of Done.
What's your word for the year?

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