Thursday, December 13, 2012

Getting in the Spirit

It's honestly hard to believe that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away. Is it sad that I haven't bought a single gift from our family yet? Yikes! I am 100% certain now that we will be the crazed people running through the mall Christmas Eve buying gifts like the random meat trays they used to set up in the mall. Sorry ahead of time, family. We are beginning to get in the Christmas spirit though!

Emerson got to open her very first gift. Her BFF, Owen, lives in Cali, but he sent her a remote control. It could not have been a more perfect gift, since she tries to eat the 27 random remotes we have. She's very into things with bright lights and screens.

I got inspired by the Pinterest and added a little holiday decor to our pantry door. We painted it in a magnetic chalkboard paint when we remodeled the house about 5 years ago. Who knew we were so ahead of a trend?

Em now has a walker to get around in. She's a mad woman on wheels. She's discovered our Christmas tree {which looks very disheveled in this pic}. She's tried to pull the lights twice, but she will mostly just hold a branch in her hand and feel it. I'm okay with that. Anything of value is near the top anyway.

Speaking of her walker, this picture cracks me up. I put her in it to get a few things done the other day. I walked past the living room and saw that she had grabbed some papers from the ottoman and was laid back reading. That's my girl. :)

The Christmas spirit has hit my school too. We have two elves roaming the halls. Junior has been spotted on our hallway all week, but yesterday he showed up in our classroom. He was hanging from the projector and brought elf hats so the kids could look like him all day. We only had one unfortunate incident of him falling, and me having to use Kleenex {you know, so you don't rub the magic off} to pick him back up. :)

Last night, Emerson got to wear her Christmas pjs because her momma hadn't washed her others yet. She was so stinking cute!

She was not too sure about some man's face being on her foot though.

So she decided to taste and see if he was legit.

And this is how most of our pictures go these days...

I hope you all are getting into the Christmas spirit. Please don't judge me if you see me tearing through Walmart in 2 weeks attacking people for gifts. :)

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