Thursday, December 6, 2012

Etsy Gifts

I told you I'm struggling with balance this year. :) I thought I would share some gifts from Etsy I would love this year. Etsy is such a great place to find unique gifts that nobody else would have, and most are really affordable. B.T.Dub. this is not a hint for anyone. We're not really doing gifts with a lot of our family. The only thing I asked for is some clothes from my parents, which have been selected and received. It's just not a real gift buying year this year, but that doesn't mean we can window shop!

This tortoise monogrammed keychain from McLaughlin Creations is too cute! My keys are so blah. This would make them oh so trendy.

This gray infinity scarf from Dyllee Dallee is amazing!  I am really wishing I knew how to knit these days. I love the knit scarves going on.

The Texas Home T from The Home T. What else can you say?
This Olive You reclaimed wood sign by The Salty Bison. Heck, I would take anything from her shop. Absolutely love her stuff, but this would be too perfect in my kitchen.
This infinity cross bracelet from infinitywish. It's only $6.99!!!!!!!! I am really tempted to just buy it for myself, but I'm not gonna do it. Doesn't mean you can't though, Justin. Oops. I said I wasn't going to hint for gifts. :)

Happy shopping!

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