Monday, December 31, 2012

A Week of Firsts

I'm not sure what exactly happened to Emerson this past week, but it seems that so many things have started clicking for her. She went from being my sweet little baby who could sit for awhile if you sat her up first, and who could do a modified crawl to being all over the place.

This is not a first, but a familiar site. If there is paper towel to be found, Emerson Kate will find it and unroll every bit of it. It doesn't help matters that ours hangs on the end of our kitchen island. There has been a lot of "No ma'am" this week between trying to eat the paper towels and pulling the Christmas lights.

This is the day everything clicked. She went from laying on her belly playing with toys to sitting straight up on her own. We had our first traditional speed-crawl and this...

I went in to check on her after her nap and found her standing up in her bed!!! She's never pulled into a standing position that I know of. Needless to say, Daddy lowered the crib that night because she was ready to bail out of that thing. 

Friday we ended up at the pedi's office, which meant an hour drive for me in pouring rain with Em by myself. I was a tad nervous. She was scheduled to get the rest of her flu shot, but I also had him check her ears. She's been waking up every night about 2:00. We were doing everything we knew to do, and could not figure out why she was waking up. I consulted mommy friends on Facebook, and they suggested getting her ears checked. Her left ear was indeed infected, so we got to troll around Target for a bit while we waited on her medicine. That lead us to her first time in a shopping cart like a big girl. :) 
(PS I know I don't have a cover, but I scrubbed the thing with a Clorox wipe. Don't judge.)

We also decided to try our had at eating puffs. (Em's treat for enduring me walking around Target a thousand times.) She did great with them! It took her awhile to realize it was ok to put them in her mouth, and I'm not sure she really loves the taste, but it helps with her motor skills. Here's hoping she has better hand-eye coordination than her momma.

I mentioned she was pulling up now, but just a day later we had this...

She pushed herself from the floor to a half-standing position. Not only do we now have this half-standing thing, but we popped up the little walker she's playing with in this picture and she took several full steps behind it. I would share the video with you, but the world does not need to be exposed to me in my pjs and bedhead quite yet. :) Needless to say, we have our hands full with this ever-changing little booger. We really do love it though! I can't wait for all of the other "firsts"that 2013 will bring. 

Happy New Year!

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