Sunday, November 4, 2012

A bunch of cute pictures

I wish I had some really fantastic, insightful post to bring you but I don't. Life kinda is what it is these days. I mean, I can talk about how I am sick...again...for the 10 millionth time in 3 months, but that's wallowing and I'm not gonna do it. I thought, instead, I'd share some cute pictures to give you a little glimpse into our days.

Almost sitting up is the new trick around here. If we can get the boppy pillow around her just right and she's interested, we get a little sitter. This was one of the first times she really stuck with it. She was so proud of herself!

Oh, Emmy Kate. I apologize now for all of the silly things your mommy and daddy are going to do to you growing up. I'm pretty sure when we did this I almost passed out laughing. 

I love having ONE class this year. I feel like I can be so much more creative, and do so many more special things when I only have 20 kids compared to 44 I've had the past few years. This year, that meant making creepy chocolate spiders for Halloween. {It's a chocolate cake thingy with cut up chocolate Twizzlers shoved in the sides and cookie icing for eyes.} Even though I was making them and I know they're just chocolate, they still freaked me out a little. 

Look at those CHEEKS! I could not love this little girl any more than I already do. She is getting into such a fun age where she recognizes faces and laughs at silly things you do. We're eating up every, single second of it. 

My little future-Aggie. I made her get dressed up to take on Mississippi State, and she'll be wearing the same thing when Saturday rolls around. I've told Justin a million times, if A & M really does beat Alabama I will pass smooth out. Part of me wants to believe they can, and the other part doesn't want to get my hopes up. Let's just hope Johnny Manziel {Can we PUH-LEEZE stop calling him "Johnny Football?  It is so cheesy!} is still on his game this week. That kid is amazing!

Em's been checking out the Target flier making her Christmas list. How is Thanksgiving only 2 weeks away!?! I mean, YAY for a week off and family and stuffing, but slow time down a little please!

We're into bouncing til our booty falls through the leg holes these days.

Speaking of leg holes...Some body's britches have gotten short and tight with their latest growth spurt. Those are NINE MONTH pajamas...She's only FIVE MONTHS OLD! Does anyone know of a Big and Tall shop for toddlers!?! Good gracious.

Going in to check on Em while she is sleeping is always an adventure. You never know what you'll find hanging out of the crib. These two poses seem to be her favorites. The funny thing is, on the top one, she was laying on her side, yet her foot is upside down. We've tried moving her away from the sides, but homegirl is a snuggler and will scoot herself right back. I've even walked in on her full-on hugging the crib bumper with arms and legs. {Don't worry, we always make sure she can breathe. Don't call cps on me.}

Well, that's kinda all I've got. If you don't mind, say a prayer for Justin Tuesday. That's when he goes to meet with the cardiologist to check out his heart. Also, his brother Jonathan was in a very serious wreck this past week. You can read the full story here on Heather's new blog {SO glad you are blogging again, Heather!}. Pray for him as he recovers, and for their whole family as they get closer to the newest Williams boy's arrival. 

Hopefully I'll be back soon with something really interesting to talk about...or just more cute pics of the kid.

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