Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I know I'm blowing up the blog today, but I just read this and wanted to share. Go read it and come back to discuss.

Really, I'll wait....................

Y'all! Is that not so true?!

I think the Pinterest argument is a little strong. I completely agree and understand that people should be given proper credit for a product or project. However, I also think that Pinterest has revolutionized the way a lot of blogs and companies do business. It's a two-way street.

The part that got me was expressing your appreciation of other blogs. I'm so guilty of this! I still blog stalk in my free time. Ok, I blog stalk when I really should be sleeping like now. That is the extent of my "free time" these days. Pretty much 99% of the time I'm looking at blogs it's on my phone. Leaving comments via your phone is well, not simple. I think in my head I'm showing appreciation and support to other bloggers by looking at their stuff, but in reality they have no idea I'm looking at anything! I don't comment like I should, and I don't even "follow" the blogs I read. Truth be told, I don't really even understand the whole follower thing. {Anyone care to explain???} It is frustrating though to think that you're putting all of it out there---them a lot more than me--- and there's zero feedback. You kinda start to feel like it's just for you and your husband who already knows everything you blog about!

I know some people got lost in the move from my old blog, and that's understandable. I have never and will never keep track of or care about how many people read this thing. That's not what it's for. I honestly started thinking nobody read this until a few weeks ago when several people emailed or commented to me in person that they had missed me updating. That made me want to make it a priority to catch up. If that encouraged me, just think of what it could do for others who are struggling to keep up.

I'm going to challenge myself to comment on my usual blogs at least once a week. I'm also going to start following {someone please tell me what this means!} my regulars and show them a little love in an upcoming post. I hope that you will do this too. Let's put a little positivity out there.

To those of you who have stuck with me...thank you! I know there's nothing spectacular here, but I'm happy you want to be a part of our world.

PS. This is NOT, repeat NOT a plea or play for more comments or followers. This blog always has and always will be for me. It's a place to record our lives and share a little bit of our journey. I'm not in it to get famous or get rich {like that's gonna happen}. Please don't take this as me begging for attention!

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