Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Still Kicking

Yes, I'm still alive. I'm just currently trying to figure out this whole working-mommy-at-a-new-school thing. Let's do a quick update and I'll hopefully be back to somewhat regular blogging soon. Feel free to enjoy pictures of preciousness along the way.

  • I still love my job. REALLY love my job. I have a great group of kiddos. I'm a little overwhelmed coming from a school where what you do is dictated to you into a school that is more "do what you want as long as you're teaching what you're supposed to." My need to be creative and cute often stresses me out in situations like that. I've had to reign myself in and focus on what is most important. With that said, I've never, ever been able to leave work immediately after dismissal and not have a bag full of stuff to do...until this year. I'm not sure what it is: the school, the lack of pressure to do it all, the knowledge that Emmy Kate is waiting on me at home, or what, but more often than not I've made it home before Justin and Em with a somewhat empty bag. Priceless. I still feel a little like an outsider there. My hallway has friendships and relationships firmly established. However, one of the sixth grade teachers and I have been emailing, and I feel like maybe a friendship is starting. I also joined {although there's no formal membership} our school's prayer team. They meet on Monday mornings, and they spend time praying for our campus, district, and staff by name. Let me tell you, those ladies love some Jesus up in there. It was amazing to start my day and week off like that. Just another reason I know that God divinely appointed this change. 

  • Like I said, I've had a little struggle with balancing the mommy/teacher thing. The hardest part has been keeping up with our house and not making Justin cook every, single night. {Seriously, HOW do single moms do it? I would not survive sanely without that man.} I took some steps this past weekend to hopefully help us out. I sat down and made a monthly menu, in place of our usual weekly one. This keeps me from having to stop and figure out meals so we can grocery shop every week, and that dreaded "What's for dinner?" moment about 5:00 every day. Now I know ahead of time what we're having so I can defrost and prep like I need to. Grocery list making took about 5 minutes this week. That alone is worth the effort! I also made a cleaning schedule for myself so that I'm not spending my weekends cleaning and catching up on laundry. One person said to me last week that they have no "fun time" at their house in the evenings and most Saturdays. It's all about getting "stuff" done. I refuse to be that way. At the same time, a messy house drives me nuts, and I want Emerson to learn to be responsible with her things. Each day's tasks are small and shouldn't take more than 20 minutes {we have a really small house}. I can easily do that while Em has some independent play time. That frees me up to really spend some quality time with her instead of 1.) cleaning 2.) thinking about how I should be cleaning.

  • Speaking of our cutie patootie. She officially turned 3 months old, like forever ago. Her awesome  forgetful mom never posted her 3 month stats. I know she was 25 inches long because I measured her with all intentions of doing her growth post. No idea how much she weighs...a lot? She's sleeping consistently from 9:30 until 5:00 or 6:00 with a few early morning wake ups scattered about. She always eats and goes back to sleep. She's obsessed with her bunny. {see photo above} She snuggles it so close to her face we're sure she's going to suffocate on it. I always take it away once she's fallen asleep. She's just a cuddler. She talks and smiles constantly. The drool is never ending these days. I'm ready for that phase to pass! She loves for her daddy to make her dance, going places, and her playmat. She scoots on her back all over the place. She wants to sit up--by herself--and she will let you know it. Of course, she's not ready for that yet. She can roll to her tummy except for her booty. She hasn't figured out how to get the lower half over, unless she's super tired and then she does it without thinking. I can't believe she's growing so fast!!!
  • We actually got to hang out with friends this weekend! It seems like forever since we've done so. I was starting to think we had run them all off. 
  • I'm so ready for fall! The temperatures, the clothes, the fall-scented candles. So ready.
  • I've become readdicted to Pinterest. Not sure why, but I am on it all the time now. It's probably why I am so not sleeping enough these days.

Well, I'm off to watch some Cowboys with this cutie and her papa.  Y'all know this family is excited that football season is BACK! Too bad my Ags got hurricaned out last weekend, and I'm still not sure how I feel about rooting for my Peyton on the Broncos. Either way though, I am super pumped for some football. 

Happy almost Friday! :)

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  1. Oh my goodness, Leslie. I need to start off by saying that I am the WORST blog friend in the world. When you started your new blog, I guess I didn't transfer the new address over to my google reader. I kept up for a few months by going to your site, but towards the end of the school year I got super busy and then when school was out, I had to turn in my laptop which is where your url was bookmarked. At that point, you just fell off my radar because I didn't have you bookmarked at home. As you completely understand, I'm still in that mom fog (yes, she's a year old and it's not any better) and also been making that transition to stay at home mom for the past few months. "Wow" and "Lord have mercy on me" are all I have to say about that.

    Anyway, I just stumbled across the blog again this morning and caught up on all your posts since the spring. Emerson is BEAUTIFUL! Seriously, she's just about as cute as Emily, a compliment that I do not give out often. In fact, I don't think I've given it out ever. Our birth stories are basically the same except Emily was grabbing a handful of uterus all like "You can't make me come out!" or something instead of having a funky facial position.

    I guess it's pretty stupid that I don't even know you in real life and I'm sitting here feeling guilty that I wasn't virtually "around for the birth." Don't worry, your blog address has now been put in my google reader.

    I hope that the beginning of your year is going well. It is hard to balance teaching and mama-ing, but you will get there. It just takes a really great husband and alot of planning ahead.

    So glad to catch up with your sweet family!