Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Kid Is A Champ

I have to admit it. I was somewhat dreading nervous about the past 4 days. We decided it was time for Emerson's first official road trip Friday through Sunday and yesterday she got her first round of shots. I thought surely we were to have at least a little trouble with her in the car and a little bit of fever or reaction to her shots. I was prepared for full-on Mommy Duty.

Yeah...I was wrong.

She loved every minute of the trip! Our biggest issue was she was so into seeing everyone and what was going on, that she never took a "good" nap the whole time we were there. That made her crankier than normal before bedtime, but she still slept through the night just fine. 

She never made a peep {or loud burp, which is what I was really afraid of} in church. She tolerated us getting her in and out of the car seat on the way home as we stopped at a few stores. She even put up with us getting home at 11:00 pm. She fell asleep in the car at her normal bedtime, and stayed asleep until almost 7:00 the next morning! The kid is a champ. It was so great to see Jonathan, Heather, and the kids. Now that we know Em can handle the trip, we'll be going more often.

We woke up yesterday morning and headed to her pediatrician's office for her 2 month check up {2 weeks late}. Emmy Kate officially weighs 13lbs. 5 oz. and is 24 1/2 inches long. She has grown 3 1/2 inches in about 5 weeks. None of that surprises me since some of her clothes will barely snap between her little legs because the child is so dadgum long! Dr. R. checked her out, declared her "perfect," and sent us across to get her dreaded shots. Em smiled and cooed at the nurse while she gave her the oral vaccine, and when she was stuck for the first time she stared at the nurse for a full second before she started to cry. She screamed {and I do mean, screamed} for about 30 seconds, smiled at me, and passed out sound asleep. I would like to thank the makers of Tylenol for that. She stayed asleep through my mom and I grabbing lunch and buying her way too many clothes at Target. We came home, and this is what I enjoyed all evening. 

Sweet baby girl was smiling and cooing like crazy. She never had any kind of reaction to the shot, not even a fever that I could tell. I highly recommend giving them a little Tylenol before their shots, and feeding them right after. I read a lot of stuff on it before taking her, and people swore by doing that there would be no reaction. They were right, and my kid is a champ. 

Today we are recovering {that means lots and lots of laundry!} and going to celebrate my grandma's 88th birthday. I'm trying to soak up as many snuggles as I can before I go back to work {gulp} Tuesday. I have a workshop tomorrow, but the real business starts Tuesday for me. I'm ready to get the first week over with so I can adjust to only having the late afternoons and evenings with Em. I'm spoiled to seeing her all day, every day. I'll miss her little grins and snuggles. However, I know firmly that the Lord has placed me in this new job. That makes me excited to see what He has in store. Emerson will still know we love and adore her. 

PS. If you are interested, SheReadsTruth started a study of Proverbs yesterday. We're reading one chapter a day. Today is chapter 2, and chapter 1 is really short if you want to catch up and join us! Seriously, God is all over this thing. You can't do it and not be blessed. Join us! 

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