Friday, August 17, 2012

I Love... new job. I seriously L.O.V.E. my new job. Everyone is so positive and practical-two of my favorite things. They aren't about being bigger or badder than the district down the road. They are there to love on kids, and it's so obvious. I have not heard a single person say a negative word about another teacher, campus, policy, anything, and I've been around a lot of these teachers this week. In my new teacher training, the principal said, "I'm here for the kids first, but my teachers are a pretty close second." It's evident. There are no crazy policies.  No hoops to jump though. They value your time. You leave when your kids are gone. No staying until some predetermined time. Do your job and you're free to go. I even got yesterday and today off because I had already done the training they were offering. There was no, "Well, go sit through it again anyway." I was told to just come back on Monday! They have a full gym {we're talking several high-tech treadmills, rowing machine, bikes, etc) on my campus for everyone to use. The library is amazing! Tons and tons and tons of books. Everyone is into making the building cute and inviting. It's definitely an older building, but everyone has taken pride in it. The best part: every, single person from the custodian to the superintendent to the random coach I had to sit by at training answers the question, "How'd you end up here?" with "Well, it's a total God thing." I'm not exaggerating. Everyone has talked about God leading them to this district, and teaching being their God-given calling. Of course I've seen and heard that here and there, but not from every.single.employee. One lady commented that this district is the way that it is because the local churches have all committed to bathing them in prayer weekly. You can honestly tell. 

...spending time with this sweet face. I have so appreciated these surprise two days off. I'm soaking her up as much as I can. It's hard to believe she's about to be 3 months old!!! Where is time going?!? She is so close to giggling! Of course, her daddy does the best job of getting her close to doing it. She's so sweet and cuddly. She notices things now, and "talks" like crazy. I could just eat her up. 

...that Emmy Kate is big enough to wear this outfit. The first time we ever found out I was pregnant, we left for vacation in California the next day. We were, of course, thrilled. We couldn't help but buy this cute little outfit in Newport Beach. We came home, and found out the next week that I had miscarried. I made Justin shove this onesie in his sock drawer {somewhere I wouldn't have to look at it} and leave it there. I wasn't sure how I felt about another baby wearing that outfit, as silly as it sounds. I buried it in Em's drawer when we were expecting her, and I pulled it out just the other day. It was a little bittersweet to see her wearing it at first, but I think it's such a great reminder at how faithful God is. I felt like things have truly come full-circle now. Plus she just looks good in red. :)

...great friends. I feel like I never see any of them anymore, but I'm so thankful that there are such great ladies in my life like these girls. 

...that football's about to start up. Enough said. 

...Justin Bill. I knew all along he would make an incredible father, but I am just blown away by him. He's so helpful and loving to Emerson and me! Not once have I felt like I'm in this by myself or that I have to do "everything." He cracks me up on a daily basis. He goes out of his way to be supportive while I'm transitioning into being a working mom. He's just the best. 

...that it's FRIDAY!

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