Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2 cents on Jesus and Chikin

First of all, if you're coming over because you saw this on Facebook, welcome. I really don't advertise that I have this blog because then I would worry about who is reading it, what they think, and I would start to censor myself. However, my head is about to explode with all of this Chick-Fil-A business, and FB doesn't give me as much room to vent. You should know that I make lots of grammatical errors, I'm long-winded, I like parenthesis, and I like to post pictures of my kid. You're welcome to browse around if you want.

I really shouldn't even write this. I think the last thing we need is more noise in this world, and there has sure been enough noise about this to last a lifetime. However, the more pictures and Facebook posts I see in regards to this the more it makes me want to puke. {keep reading before you get too mad at me for saying that}I have a feeling this is going to make me wildly unpopular.

I do not have a problem with what Dan Cathey said. At.All.  In fact, I agree with him. CFA is known for being a faith-based company {I'm still stunned that people are just now realizing that. Really?!}, and he stood firm in his beliefs which I believe are biblical. Disagree with me if you want. I'm proud of him for standing up for his beliefs and not beating around the burning* bush like so many other CEOs would do in the interest of protecting their profits. What he does with his profits are kinda his business, just like what you do with your paycheck is yours {unless it's illegal affairs and then I assume the cops/IRS would care}. On the flip side, it's the consumers business whether they want to go eat there and support that or not. Either way, make yourself happy. "Eat more chikin"or don't. That's not what this post is about.

 I, personally believe that the way Christians have handled this situation would make Jesus sad/angry.  Hear me say this, I'm NOT saying the Bible says this and I'm not arguing whether gay marriage is sinful, so retract the talons. I'm saying that MY OPINION is that we have handled this the wrong way. Or at least in a very unproductive way.

See, a few nights ago I was doing my Bible study with #SheReadsTruth, and it was over Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane before his arrest and subsequent crucifixion. So, here's Jesus agonizing {Seriously, read the passage and tell me you don't feel how tortured he was.} over the fact that he's about to be tortured in the worst way and killed--not mercifully killed, but a slow, excruciating death. He's literally begging God to stop this situation, but at the same time saying he'll do it because he knows that it's what we need in order to not be separated from God forever. Do you get that? It's what WE needed in order to have the privilege to know God. Jesus didn't need it. He did not have to do anything to have a relationship with his Father. He-knowing full well the absolute pain and agony he was about to face-went through with all of it for us.

Here's the kicker and what hit me the other night...The "us" he did it for, is everyone. In the words of Matt Chandler, "Are you tracking with me?" EVERYONE. Not just you and me. Not just our families. Not just our fellow ETBU alums. Not just those that agree with us politically. Everyone. Yep, even the gay ones. Jesus died on the cross even for people who are gay. Jesus loves them too, whether we like it or not. You want me to really rock some people's boats? Even when some people "turn out" gay {or murders, or blonde, or Olympians, or whatever else people turn out being-- good or bad} God created those people in his image...just like he created us. We. Are. No. Different. {The argument as to whether or not people are "created gay" is for a different day.}

Everyone. EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.OF.US. has some sin in our life we have embraced and we hold on to. Not a single one of us is blameless. I've heard several people say that "gay people are proud of their sin" so that makes it different. Really? If you're proud of your sin it's some how bigger and badder? Is that in Leviticus? I never make it all the way through that book when I try to read the Bible straight through.

I'm pretty sure I know a lot of straight people who are pretty dang proud of the new(fill in the blank) they bought that sent them further into debt because they can't afford it but think they deserve it {sin}. Or they sit around the kitchen table, teacher's lounge, or proverbial water cooler and talk about how slutty the new girl dresses {sin}. Or my personal favorite, they worship the ding-dang Kardashian family when pretty much what they are about is sex tapes, cheating in your marriage {or giving up on it after less than 6 months}, and promiscuous photos. {NEWSFLASH: SIN} Don't even get me start on the Bachelor. Seriously though, are we not all guilty of embracing some sin and acting like it's okay?

Here's my point though: We as Christians, have the knowledge and experience of God's grace and mercy. We were shown ultimate grace and mercy when Jesus died blamelessly on a cross for us. Why is it so hard for us to show that same compassion and love to people we disagree with? Just because we believe in Jesus does not make us better than anyone else. We are not above anyone else. We didn't do a SINGLE thing to earn God's love. He freely gave it to us, and we accepted it. He also freely offers that love to people who are gay, but it's up to them to accept it or not. We're even more responsible though because we understand what sin is, how to get rid of it, why we should get rid of it, and we still hold on to it. Have we considered that maybe some just don't get it yet?

Not to go all WWJD on you but, I think Jesus, instead of rolling through Chick-fil-a in his pimped out Grocery Getter and posting the picture on Facebook today would have called up Matthew (the tax collector) and Prostitute Girl {anyone know her real name?} and asked them to go to lunch at some Tex-Mex place {Jesus surely would love queso, right?} and never have acted like today was any different. Instead of perpetuating this "us and them" mentality and alienating someone because of their sin, I think he would have reached out to them and loved them in spite of he did the rest of us. Don't get me wrong, he would not love or accept their sin, nor do I think he would stay quiet about it. However, I think he would understand that the way to reach them is to talk to them sincerely about the love of a merciful Father, not to make them feel like they are something beneath him or out of the cool club.

Personally, if I wasn't a follower of Christ already, this whole campaign would do nothing but drive me further away. We preach "love thy neighbor," but we're so quick to draw a line in the sand. And to somewhat quote Jen Hatmaker's amazing statement about this, "When we draw a line in the sand, we do nothing but tell people 'You're out.'" I don't think Jesus would have told anyone, "You're out." In fact, I'm pretty sure the Bible tells us he begged them to just "come" exactly like they were.

So, if you went to CFA today-even if you were proud of it and posted your picture on Facebook, more power to you. Seriously. I am really not trying to judge you for doing what you felt is right. What I am speaking out about is this mentality that we're doing the Kingdom of God any good by creating more division. Let the idiot mayors who want to ban CFA spout off. Let them look like the fools. Let us look like the ones who extend grace and mercy to ALL because that's what the God we claim we follow does. I wish that instead of just driving through CFA for some waffle fries and sweet tea, people would have been challenged to love a little differently today and every day.

Maybe that would show people what Jesus is really all about.

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  1. You're right, Leslie. Sin is sin. We totemize homosexuality to be a BIG BAD sin and cutting someone off in traffic as a LITTLE BITTY sin. Jesus sought out the sinners. He ate with the tax collectors and the prostitutes. He did everything he could to reach out and not exclude. I'm all for standing up for what you belive in, and have made it clear that I do not condone sin, but love the sinner. A dear friend of my flirted around with a lesbian lifestyle and I told her, in LOVE, that it was wrong and was there for her as a Christian friend, and she eventually came back to her senses. There's a right and wrong way to do things, and we forget sometimes in our "self-righteous" mindset how Jesus would approach a situation.