Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When It Rains...

...trees fall on your car. 

See the tiny bit of red? That'd be my car...under a tree. 

Yesterday, Justin stayed home from work sick. About 1:00, he was resting on the couch and I was cleaning up the kitchen. We knew it was about to storm because we had been hearing thunder in the distance and our dog always acts crazy when it storms. All of a sudden, we heard what we thought was a huge clap of thunder very close to the house. He looked out of the front door, and I could tell by his face it wasn't good. I just said, "It fell on my car, huh?" He barely even nodded at me. I think he thought I was going to lose it. We walked outside and saw this...

Two huge limbs from a tree near our house had fallen {we suppose struck by lightening} on top of my car and the corner of our house. Praise the Lord that it did not damage our house badly. The corner it fell on is Emerson's room, where she was sleeping when the limbs fell. I'm disappointed about my car, but I am so thankful it was there because I think it took some of the pressure that could have been on the house. I don't even want to think about what could have happened then. God's hand was definitely protecting that little girl and us! 

My back windshield is busted out, and there are some major dents and scratches along the front and passenger side of the car. This week will be filled with dealing with insurance and auto body shops. I have to say though, so far State Farm has been fantastic to deal with! Everyone has been so polite and helpful. They called me first thing this morning to go over my claim, which surprised me they were that quick. I called back with a question a while later, and sure enough Emerson chose that moment to start squalling. The guy very nicely offered to email me everything I needed because he could tell I was distracted and had my hands full. The information was in my inbox before I could even hang up the phone. It makes paying for insurance I've never even used before totally worth it. Way to go, State Farm! 

You just never know what to expect.


  1. glad yall were ok. Looks and seems very scary. Did Emerson sleep through the whole thing?

    1. Sorry I just saw your comment. I don't think my email is working.

      Yeah, she slept through the entire thing! It was right outside her room too.