Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Six

How's about a little random list? 

1. We're doing well adjusting to being a family of 3. Most of our days are spent staring at this sweet face. We got lucky in the easy baby department. She just sleeps and grins at this stage. We've had a few fussy times because apparently our child is not a pooper. We had to make a trip to the pediatrician Friday to find out why she hadn't pooped in 2 days. He told us it just happens that some kids don't poop a lot, and to give her a little diluted apple juice each day to see if that gets things flowing. So, we stopped at Target on the way home to get some juice. While Justin ran in the store, I got Emerson out of her car seat to give her a break, and she pooped...all over the place. I went to the back of the car to change her, and she proceeded to continue to poop and pee all over me, the changing mat, her clothes, and 3 diapers. I felt officially inducted into motherhood as the old couple who parked beside us laughed and said, "Bless your heart". She's still having trouble in the doodoo department, but hopefully it will work itself out soon. Who knew you'd be this consumed with someone else's poop? Good thing she's cute. 

 2. I've had my first go-round with Mommy Guilt. :( After a lot of effort, worry, stress, and a few tears I gave up breast feeding. Before you jump on me, trust me when I say that you can't tell me anything I haven't told myself. It took a good 7 days for my milk to "come in." It seems that it can take a while when you have a c-section and your body doesn't get the natural signal to let things loose. Every day, every 2 1/2 to 3 hours, was filled with me trying, crying, and worrying, and Emerson not being satisfied. I would nurse, pump, and do it all again. After a good 30-45 minutes of pumping I would get barely half an ounce. Not good when she eats at least 2 ounces each feeding. I really started to worry that I was why she wasn't having enough poopy and wet diapers. It became a vicious cycle with me becoming a complete worry-wart. We tried straight formula for a day and she was a completely contented kid with the "right" number of wet diapers. It pretty much broke my heart. Breast feeding was the one thing I was completely set on doing. I read the books. I took the class. I grilled my friends that had been successful with it, but nothing I was trying worked. I finally felt ok with it when my neighbor told me the same thing happened to her. She said she had to finally decide to let it go because it was stealing the joy of her baby being here. I completely understood. I was spending my time stressing out about it instead of loving this piece of preciousness.

3. I'm trying to catch up with Soul Detox. I got a few days behind giving birth and all. :) It's still SOOOO incredibly good. It's not too late to join if you're interested. In fact, the ladies that started it have launched a website for She Reads Truth. You can check it out or when the Soul Detox plan is done in 2ish weeks, check out what is coming next. It really has been a HUGE blessing. Every day has been so applicable to my current life. God is really doing a lot through a little phone app.

4. Justin goes back to work on Tuesday. I'm not ready for that to happen. I know I can handle being home alone with Emerson, but I am REALLY going to miss having him around. It has been so nice to just be here together. It will make our evening and weekend times that much sweeter, but I will definitely miss having him here. He's such a good daddy. 

 5. Several people have asked about how I'm feeling. I honestly feel great. I told Justin today that it's actually nice not being uncomfortably pregnant or in pain. I feel like my old self again, and it's been a long time! I go for my 2 week check up this week, along with Em. I'm really hoping my doctor will release me to drive and do normal activities. I'm already tired of depending on other people to do my laundry and stuff when I feel like I could really do it myself. I know some folks would think that is crazy, but Emerson pretty much sleeps all the time at this stage so it'd be nice to feel somewhat productive while she does.

6. We took Emerson to meet my grandma, Punkin, today. It was so funny because they ended up having on matching outfits! Well, until Emerson decided to pee up her back??? and soak her outfit. This picture is definitely going to be special to me forever. 

Well, Little Bit just woke up so I should go. Can"t resist the chance to cuddle.

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