Wednesday, June 20, 2012

#SheReadsTruth {2}


Awhile back, in this post, I talked to you guys about a Bible study I was doing called Soul Detox. It came about because one blogger I follow mentioned that she needed something to get her reading her Bible again. The next day, she and another blogger came up with the group #SheReadsTruth. They decided to go through the Soul Detox plan on the YouVersion Bible app, and it caught on. Literally hundreds of women have joined in, and I have read that there's even a #HeReadsTruth group for guys now. It's really taken off! 

Those of us who started out 5 weeks ago are finishing up the Soul Detox plan today. That means...

A new plan starts tomorrow!

This is a great opportunity for YOU {yes, you} to get involved! 

Even if you've never done a Bible study before, or if you feel like you know nothing about God at all, this is a great chance to learn. It's simple. It's not overly-academic and religious to the point that you have no idea what they're talking about. It's simply women who want to better their lives by being in the Word every day. You seriously don't even have to have a Bible! The app pulls up the scriptures you need for each day. It's the least-intimidating, most practical Bible study I've ever done. I think the fact that I now have a 4 week old and I've stuck to the plan speaks to the simplicity of this study. YOU CAN DO IT. 

So, what do you do? 

  1. Once the new plan is announced tomorrow, {You can find out what it is by visiting the #SheReadsTruth website. You can get there by clicking the graphic at the top of the page or the button on the right of my blog.} download the FREE YouVersion Bible app on your phone, iPad, whatever. OR you can even follow the plan online if you don't have a smartphone. 
  2. Find the plan that's announced under "plans" {duh} and get started. 
  3. Stick with it and be blessed by it.
IF you want to go deeper, you can check out the #SheReadsTruth website or follow SheReadsTruth on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Every day people are sharing what they're learning from the study by posting their thoughts or pictures of their journals. Some of the best things I've gotten out of this study have been from other people's Instagram pictures. {You can also see the Instagram and Twitter feed on the website.} You can also journal what you're learning, take pics, and share them with the group too. They even have a weekly memory verse you can take part in with graphics to be the lock screen on your phone for help with memorization. 

Of course, all of that is bonus. What matters is being in the Word daily and learning who He is. 

I'm telling you, God will use this to change your life. It may be in very small ways, but change is change. This whole group/hashtag/plan has been blessed from the beginning. I hope you'll be a part of the next step. 

*PS A lot of folks joined in later on, so everything for Soul Detox is still out there if you want to do that plan first. All of the pictures and posts are still available on the website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Just search for the hashtag #souldetox. It is a really amazing study. 

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