Saturday, June 16, 2012

InstaFriday {On Saturday}

Yeah, yeah. I know it's called InstaFRIDAY, but yesterday should have been called Fussy Friday around here. Not naming any names Emerson Kate but someone had tummy troubles yesterday, and went from being our sweet, easy baby to a clingy crier who would not nap for more than 10 minutes straight. It was one of those no shower/no lunch/no nothing days for Mommy. Luckily, with the help of a little diluted prune/apple juice we were back to our happy selves by last night. 

So, let's get to the pics. 

Emmy has started napping in her big crib. I walked in the other day to find Bella guarding her while she slept. I don't think Bella is quite sure what to think with this new thing that takes all of her attention, but she's been warming up to her. 

There's not a whole lot you can do with a 3 week old, but I try to make sure we read at least once a day. We usually read in the mornings when she really wakes up and again before bed time. My our favorites have been God Gave Us You and Guess How Much I Love You. I know she has no idea what's going on, but she stares at the book or at my face and listens quietly. It makes the reading teacher in me very happy. :)

I didn't realize how much I missed sandwiches while pregnant. When we came home from the hospital I'm pretty sure I ate two that night. My sweet hubs made me another one for lunch last weekend while I fed Little Bit. You know it's true love when he cuts your sandwich into cute little triangles without you asking. He's a keeper. 

We've started tummy time twice a day. Miss Priss would rather spend her time posing on the boppy than trying to hold her head up. She's such a ham. 

I love coffee-or caffeine in any form these days. I love strawberries. The end.

I could just eat her up. She felt so awful yesterday. It was nice to finally see her peaceful. 

Justin and Emerson got to Tango {like Skype} with J's BFF Blake and his son, Owen, last night. They live in California so we only see them once a year or so. Owen and Emerson are almost exactly a month a part so it's nice having friends to experience all of this with. This picture makes my heart smile. Those were two proud daddies on the phone. 

That's all I have this week. We really did do other fun stuff like have dinner with the grandparents and lunch with Miss Kelly. I just have to get better about taking pictures when we do. 

Happy weekend!

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