Tuesday, June 26, 2012


**Ok, so I started this post yesterday but nap time was never quite long enough for me to finish and get our house cleaned. Just pretend that you are reading this yesterday.

Last night, as my sweet little baby slept 5 full hours, I laid wide awake. I blame the too big jug-and I do mean jug-of tea I consumed while car shopping for my insomnia, but either way I had several  a lot hours of awake time to do a lot of thinking. Isn't that the way it goes? You try to shut your brain off to go to sleep and all it wants to do is analyze things? Eventually I started trying to pray just to get my mind off of all of the randomness. Then it kind of hit me...I am awful at praying. 

Let me rephrase that...If you were to ask me to pray for you or someone or some situation I'd be all over it. I can pray for a tragedy or decision with the best of them. What I lack is praying for the every day things.

Laying there last night it struck me that I had prayed about what car we should buy more times this week than I had prayed for the child I begged God years for. While I was praying about whether we should get an Explorer or a Durango, I neglected to pray for the man who was laying right next to me. It's not just that I don't think to pray for those things, when I do my mind wanders. I go from praying about my marriage to reminding myself to add dog food to the grocery list.

That's just not right, y'all.

You may remember that I'm doing a Bible study with the #SheReadsTruth gang. I've only mentioned it a hundred times or so. :) {I love that SIX of you have emailed and texted to say that you are doing it too! } Well, I sat down this morning to do it while Emerson napped, and lo and behold it was about prayer.

I'm telling ya. God is one clever fellow.

The lesson was all about praying consistently and it made me think of a verse we studied the last week of the Soul Detox plan. 

Two words stick out to me...pursue and endurance. I realized that week that I seriously lack endurance in my spiritual life. {In other areas too, but let's just not go there quite yet.} It struck me that I am usually gung-ho to start a new study and then I quit. I start to memorize a verse and I quit. I start to pray and I quit. Maybe I don't even "quit" I just get distracted. I need endurance. I don't just need consistency, I need the follow-through. To me, the word "consistency" means routine, but "endurance" means you have to work and have strength to follow through. "Consistency" is ordering the same thing at a restaurant over and over. "Endurance" is running a marathon. I want endurance...especially when it comes to prayer. I have to be willing to pursue it though. It's not just going to magically appear one day. Nobody can go out and run 26 miles if they've never even laced up their tennis shoes before. You have to train and condition yourself to build any kind of endurance. Even with my students, they have to build their stamina to read longer and longer books. Why should praying come any easier?

So, what am I doing about it?

As dorky as it sounds, I've set up a little training schedule for myself. Until I am in the habit of praying more for the every day things, I'm going to follow a schedule. I've set aside each day to pray for something different, and I'm committing to doing it every day through the rest of the Surrendered Life study we're doing. That's about 3 more weeks. After that, I'll evaluate and see what I need to change or adjust. In case you're curious, here's what I'll be praying for each day:

Mondays: school, students, co-workers, district
Tuesdays: Justin, marriage, our future/decisions we're making
Wednesdays: both sides of our families-focused on parents and siblings
Thursdays: Emerson, Addison, Gracyn, Laine, and Bowen {our nieces and nephew}
Fridays: friends {I made a specific list for myself}
Saturdays: me, spiritual growth, decisions, etc.
Sundays: church, leaders, community 

I wrote it on a post-it note to help me remember and wrote it in the notes on my phone. My goal is to spend any random time that doesn't require thinking {brushing teeth, washing dishes, folding clothes, etc} praying for these things in addition to praying for them when I do my Bible study. 

So, I'm sharing this as a way of keeping myself accountable and maybe to encourage anyone else who feels like they could use a little help in the prayer department. Am I the only one that struggles with this? What do you do as far as prayer goes? I'd love to know!


  1. Love it! I've been struggling with the same thing lately. I have always been consistent with my "general" prayers at meals and bedtime. The last few months it seems between bible studies on Nehemiah, VBS on Daniel, and a S.S. youth lesson on praying I taught I felt God was letting me know the "generals" weren't enough. So I made a dry erase calendar (thanks pinterest) and under my "notes" section I write specific people/things to focus prayers on. Also, one of my border friends also has a similar list in her office, on a huge dry erase board so she it is always right there in her face.

    1. I like the dry erase board idea! I found a really cute picture fame with a bulletin board on it last year. It sits on my desk. I'm thinking when I go back to school I'll post it there too.