Monday, June 18, 2012

Daddy's Day

Yesterday we were able to celebrate our first official Father's Day with Justin. Actually, we knew Sunday would be full of family visits so we started celebrating on Saturday. 
Em and I tried to take him out for sushi, but the sushi place randomly closes for 2 hours in the afternoon. We tried to go early to avoid having to wait very long with a newborn, and sure enough, we got there while they were closed. We ended up giving him a steak dinner at Saltgrass instead. It was good, but it was no sushi. 

Sunday morning, he got a basket of some of his favorite things. {iTunes card, grilling magazines, Doritos, Reeses Pieces, and Root Beer} We spent the afternoon celebrating with our dads and hanging out with our families. Once we got home, I told Justin he had the day off so I'd cook or go get him whatever he wanted while he just hung out. He wanted a chicken sandwich from Jack-in-the-Box. :) My man. He's hard to please.} 

When I got back from town I found the two cuties snuggling on the couch. Adorable. 

Anyone that knows Justin would agree that he was meant to be a daddy. He loves kids and they love him. I am so thankful and proud that Emerson has a father who will make her feel so special and loved as she grows up. She's a very blessed little girl that this man is in her life and loves her the way that he does. I am very blessed to get to see it all happen. 


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