Monday, June 11, 2012

Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On

If the fussiness, constant eating, and weird sleeping patterns are any indication, I'd say we're having our first growth spurt! I'm also assuming that based on the fact that the 3 pairs of pjs I tried to put on her last night were all too short when they fit just fine less than a week ago. I figured it's time we start getting through some of our outfits before we're too big to wear them. 

Emerson's buddy Owen had his dad send her this shirt from the company he works for in California. She also has one for when she gets a little bigger. You can't see the tagline very well, but it says, "Big Homes. Cute Babies." 
I'd say that's one cute baby!

I had to try on her "blue jeans" from Old Navy to go with her new shirt. We'll be wearing these a lot because they're almost too small and this is the first time she's had them on! 

Cute little ruffled booty. :)

She was also rocking her kicks Memaw bought her when we first found out she was a girl. Sadly they're almost too small length-wise now. She needs to quit growing so fast!!! 

Thank you Mr. Blake and Mrs. Elizabeth for the shirt! 

PS. If you're looking to buy/build a house in California, Emerson totally knows a guy. :)

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