Thursday, June 7, 2012

2 Weeks and 2 Long Days

I can't believe Miss Emerson is now 2 weeks old! Time really needs to slow itself down. I'm trying not to think about it, but I know that summer is going to end much faster than I want it to this year.

We've had an eventful week. Justin went back to work on Tuesday, which leads to silly text messages only we would want to get...

I was quite excited that her belly button stump fell off. That thing grossed me out. Apparently Justin wanted to share in the experience with me. :) I did not send him a picture though. I had already thrown it in the trash can. 

The past two days have been loooonnnggg for Emmy and me. Yesterday, I had my 2 week check-up with my doctor an hour away. We loaded up the car with my mom and headed out by 8:00 AM, and stayed gone until yesterday afternoon. 

Everyone in the doctor's office loved seeing Emerson. It's funny to me how close you become with these people. I guess after seeing them monthly/weekly for almost 10 months, you are bound to get attached. It was great to get to show her to my doctor's nurses, whom I have really grown to like. And of course it was great for my doctor to get to see her without being swollen like she was when she was born. Even the receptionists were fawning over her. {I even chose to forgive the one that said, "Oh, what a precious little boy."} 

After I got the all-clear we decided to try going out to lunch at one of our favorite Mexican food places. Emerson screamed the whole way there and had a complete meltdown, which is really not like her. Not my favorite moment. Turned out homegirl had pooped and wasn't too happy about it. She was fussy the rest of that afternoon. I really think it is because we have gotten into a pretty good routine of eating/playing/sleeping with lots of cuddles in between, but she was stuck in her car seat for 90% of the morning. I felt awful for her. We came home and did lots of this...

Today we headed back to Beaumont for Em's 2 week check-up at the pediatrician. I was really dreading it after she was in her car seat for so long yesterday, but she did great! I feel bad for her being strapped in her seat so long, but it's worth it to have a really good doctor for us both. {I, on the other hand, am exhausted! All of the random diaper changes/feedings/in the car/out of the car/in the stroller/out of the stroller business was rough 2 days straight. I will say that I can now change a diaper one-handed though.}

She is "perfectly healthy" according to the doctor. She weighs and even 9 pounds (60th percentile) and is 21.5 inches long (90th percentile). Her doctor predicts she will be tall, which wouldn't be a shocker because neither one of us is really on the short-side. He asked a whole bunch of questions like where is she sleeping, which way is her car seat facing, etc. and I guess I got them all right because he let me bring her home. :) 

She also had to go have blood drawn for her newborn screening. My mom predicted that I would cry, but I didn't because my child ROCKS. She squawked a couple of times when the nurse first stuck her and that was it. We rewarded her with her very first trip to Target, where Meemaw bought her a bunch of new books. {I feel like I should add that anytime she has gone into public we keep her in her stroller/car seat and completely covered. No strangers are allowed even close to her and they for sure aren't allowed to touch her. We Germex everything before we touch her, pick her up, whatever. I know you aren't supposed to really take a baby out until 6 weeks, but sometimes that's not reality. Now that we're done with doctor's appointments for awhile she and I will be staying home. No need to call the Mommy Police on me.} 

Emmy did great being in her seat, but when we got home she just couldn't get settled down. Finally, Daddy came home. Everyone knows Daddy Cuddles makes everything better. 

Things to remember about your first two weeks, Emmy Kate:
  • You've met lots of friends and family. I think your cousins {all 4 of them} are your favorites. Everyone thinks you're the most beautiful thing with your chubby little cheeks. I agree. 
  • You sleep about 3 hours at a time at night, and don't really wake up crying. You'll just stir around until I pick you up to feed you. 
  • You LOVE music. I'll turn on the music on my phone and you will listen to it for the longest time. Your favorites seem to be "Beautiful" by MercyMe, Christy Nockles, and "Baby Mine" from Dumbo. What is great is those are all songs and singers I played for you regularly when you were in my belly. :) You would move around like crazy when I played them, and now they calm you down. It's so sweet to me.
  • You eat about 2 ounces of formula every 3 hours, but sometimes you want more at night. You're a big burper like your Daddy.
  • You love to be snuggled and cuddled, and you hate being naked. 
  • We thought you only loved baths when Meemaw gave them to you because you would scream like crazy when we tried. We figured out her trick though, and now you love them with us too. I think you'll be a little water baby. 
  • You love having your hair brushed. 
  • I don't know what we'd do without your bouncy seat. I can put you in it and actually get things done around the house while you bounce happily away. 
  • You are one loved little girl. Your daddy and I are so incredibly thankful for you. We can't imagine life without you! 

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