Sunday, May 20, 2012


I've been home alone most days for several weeks now. Justin works and so does everyone else, so I'm pretty much left to my own devices. I've managed to make it through 5 of the HP books {again}, and I'm currently on number 6. I've watched enough tv and movies to make me loathe most tv and movies. I'm sick of cleaning my house. We're not quite rich enough to spend my days shopping. Quite honestly, most days, I'm bored. I miss work. I miss my students. I miss other people. Most of all, I miss having conversations about things other than anticipating our baby's arrival. I need a pick me up. I need to be reminded that there are other things in life.

One great thing that has come from me being home alone is that I have discovered several new blogs and bloggers that I have become obsessed with really like. One of them is Maggie from Gussy Sews. She not only makes all kinds of cute, ruffley goodness, she also blogs a lot about making a difference, being positive, and living a creative life. She's just a cool girl. A few days ago, she posted on Twitter that she was looking for a way to get back into reading her Bible. That sparked my interest. I've definitely been in a rut. The next day she posted that she and her friend from this blog were going to start the Soul Detox plan from the You Version app. They created the hashtag #SheReadsTruth so that whoever wanted to join them could link up through Twitter or Instagram and share what they are learning. People started posting about it left and right! They were all loving this thing.

I thought about it that whole day. Was it something I really wanted to start now with a baby due any day? Would it be cheesy? I don't know any of these people in real life, so is this dumb? Then, they started posting pictures and thoughts on what they were studying, and I knew this was perfect for me.

Here's why:
1.) As much as I'd love to be doing Kelly Minter's new Nehemiah study or Beth Moore's study of James, it's impractical for me to take either of those on when my world is about to be turned upside down for a kid. I know they are amazing and everyone is singing their praises, but I am afraid I would start it and quit as soon as Emerson arrived. What's the point of that? 2.) This plan is on my phone...something I always have with me. It will be easy to do as I rock our sweet baby girl, and it doesn't require a bulky Bible and workbook. {Granted I've been journaling points I love and answering the questions the app gives you in a notebook, but you can also easily do that on the app.} 3.) The topic is perfection. Soul Detox? Yes, please! I'd love a fresh start. 4.) It's free. 5.) The devotionals and reading for the day are short and simple. 

So far... I love it. I really do feel like my brain is being used and my heart is being challenged...already.

So...wanna join me? Today is Day 5, and you can easily catch up. {I started it yesterday and caught up with no problem.} All you have to do is make sure you have the You Version Bible app {FREE} on whatever device you use. Under reading plans, search for "soul detox" and you're there. If you want to share thoughts or whatever, you can link up with everyone doing the study on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #SheReadsTruth. Lots of people are just starting, so you wouldn't be behind. :) OR just do it for yourself. Please let me know if you do start it. I would love to know what you are learning. 

PS. If you are looking for something more in depth, I saw on LPM's blog {Beth Moore} that they are doing Kelly Minter's Nehemiah study as their Summer Bible Study. Click here for more info on that. I've done both of Kelly's other studies {some twice!}, and they are AMAZING. I've heard the same about this one. It would be great to do if you have a group of girls who want to do something together, or you can just link up with LPM. I plan on doing that study at some point in the future. 

Either way, I'm praying that we all begin to feel a little refreshed in our hearts and our minds. 

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