Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Nope, no baby yet. Justin and I both have come to realize that you can't just call people out of the blue when you're this close to having a baby. Every time we call anyone they freak out that it's "THE"'s not! :) We either get that or multiple calls and texts a day asking if she's here yet. I suggested playing a joke on everyone and acting like she arrived and we kept it a secret, but I was quickly shot down. I need some excitement around here.  

In the meantime, let's talk some randomness. 

  • I am a children's book junky. That's no surprise since I'm a teacher, but honestly I haven't invested in as many books as I thought I would for Emerson...yet. I ran across the book God Gave Us You a few weeks ago, and literally stood in the aisle at Lifeway and cried. (hormones!) If you know someone having a baby, get them this book. It will be in heavy rotation around this house. I picked up it and Charlie the Ranch Dog for our friends who just had a baby boy. They have basset hounds so Charlie was perfect. Who even knew Ree wrote children's books?! I am hoping she does a lot more. It was really cute!
  • A new Burlingtons opened up near us. My mom and I stopped there after my doctor's appointment last week. I was actually impressed. I'd definitely go back there and look for Em clothes as she gets older. Next to the check out line, I spotted this...

        First of all, WHY do you need a urine finder?!?! If your pet is peeing on your floor so much you 
        can't distinguish it from the actual carpet, you have much bigger issues. 
  • My amazing mom bought me an early Mother-to-be-Day gift!

             I'm already in L-O-V-E! 
  • My sweet hubs knows me amazingly well. We're trying to enjoy our last few days as a twosome. It's included an at-home date night of movies and chinese and an actual date to dinner and a movie. The sweet guy came home bearing this for me even though he thinks the combination of chocolate and mint is "disgusting." I think it's heaven in a paper cup.

  • I realize I'm probably late to the party on this one, but I am so in love with this right now...

    I'm a sucker for a guy with a good voice and an instrument. 

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