Thursday, May 3, 2012

An Interview with Momma

Seeing as my doctor told me yesterday to expect Emerson "any day" I figured I should post my part. You can find Justin's thoughts on the pregnancy and impending arrival of our baby girl a few posts below. 

What has been your favorite part of this pregnancy? 
I'd have to say feeling her movement. It cracks me up when she moves so forcefully that you can see my whole stomach move. It's also special because I know I'm the only one who will ever know what her movements are like. It's something special between the two of us. 

What has been the hardest part? 
Ugh. Not having control of what happens...especially when I was having crazy bleeding, high blood pressure, and stuff. I wished so badly that I could just "fix" things, but I couldn't. It's also hard to let things go. I've learned a lot about not being so uptight when it comes to work or other things. It's been hard, but a great learning experience for me.

What has been the easiest part? 
 Being thankful for this pregnancy. We are not those people who had an easy time getting (or staying) pregnant. Therefore, it has made me extremely thankful for each part of this pregnancy. Even now when I have days and moments where I am completely miserable and hurting like crazy, I am SO thankful I even have the opportunity to be pregnant. A lot of women don't even get to know the joy of a positive pregnancy test. I am just incredibly thankful that God has given us this chance. 

What has been your least favorite part? 
Throwing up. Hands down. 

Have you had any crazy cravings? If so, what? 
It's changed throughout the pregnancy. At the beginning and middle I craved tomatoey-things, orange juice, and chinese food-especially egg rolls. Lately I'm having more distinct cravings: McDonalds hamburgers (which I don't even really like), pineapple, and I'm pretty sure I just texted Justin to bring me home a bag of sunflower seeds. 

What are your funny stories of having pregnancy brain? 
I don't really have any funny stories like Justin. I have just been a lot more forgetful. 

What are you most excited about having Emerson?
Just having her! Seeing what she looks like. Figuring out whose personality she'll have. Watching her grow up. Having a part of Justin and I walking around in the scary as that may sound to some! :)

What are you most nervous about? 
The actual act of delivery and breastfeeding. I really want to be able to nurse her, but I'm worried about doing it wrong, not enough, you name it. I'm having to really pray myself though it. (Sidenote: I know it's ok if I have to end up formula feeding. I'm not judging those that do. This is just a goal for me.)

What do you want her to learn as she grows up? What's a lesson you want to teach her?
To love God and love herself. The thing that scared me most about having a girl is how fragile their self-esteem can be. I want her to grow up believing in herself and not being ashamed of who she is. There's a song by MercyMe called, "Beautiful" that I've made her listen to this whole pregnancy. Part of the chorus says, "You treasured, you are sacred, you are His." That kinda sums it all up. I've been praying over her that she will know those things from a very early age. 

Are you nervous about having a girl as opposed to a boy?
A little bit. It all goes back to the whole girls can be really mean and judgmental thing. I see it too much at school. However, I know that we are getting the exact child God has for us.

What mommy duty are you most not looking forward to? Dirty diapers, projectile vomiting, bath time?
I'd have to say the poop and puke when they get older. It doesn't bother me when they're babies, but once it's not really confined to a diaper it grosses me out. 

Who are you most excited to show Emerson to when she's first born? 
Justin :) I cannot wait to see his face. I keep trying to imagine how he'll react, but I have no idea.  

Do you think she'll come early or late? 
EARLY. I'm betting we have a baby by this time next week. C'mon Super Moon!

How much do you think she'll weigh? 
At least 8 lbs. 

How long do you think she'll be? 
23.5 inches...This child has GOT to be tall based on our ultrasounds and the fact that I feel her move all over. 

Do you think she'll be born at day or at night? 
I'm gonna say afternoon.

Will I be excited or nervous about when my water breaks and I go into labor? Will I be crazy or calm? 
This I don't know. I expected to be super-nervous on our wedding day, but I was too excited to be afraid. I think it might be the same with this. REALLY excited with a bit of nervousness thrown in.

Are you comfortable delivering her on the side of the road if you have to? Would you know what to do? 
Heck no. We had better make it to the hospital in time for drugs. This is actually my biggest fear. I'm so worried I won't *know* I'm in labor, and I'll get to the hospital too late, and have to push out a 10 lb. baby with no medication. My doctor laughed at me when I told her that yesterday, and assures me that I will *know* but I'm still not convinced.

Do you think you'll faint in the delivery room? 

Are you going to look past the sheet? 
No way. Not judging anyone who does, but I will NOT be that woman who wants the mirror so she can see it all. I don't want to pull her out myself or feel any of that stuff. Sorry if you think that makes me a bad mom, but I think I would hurl if I had to do that. 


  1. Les,
    Let me tellyou in regards to the last question. You will not want a mirror and I really hope Justin looks. Birth is an awsome experience but when the doctor asked Elizabeth if she wanted a mirror she said "HELL NO." In regards to when she will come, I'm saying that she will come on your due date.


  2. Well, Chris (being in the medical field and already dressed in scrubs from work the previous day) was so PUMPED about seeing the whole enchilada (so to speak) when Syd was born. He got to catch her, cut the cord, and witnessed everything from a box seat. He LOVED it. But, he's just weird like that. No one can prepare you for the birth experience with words. There are no words to describe the joy, the pain, the delight, the pain, and the sheer wonderment of finally seeing a creature that you fall madly, deeply in love with at first sight. You can do this! Praying for you.