Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fantastic 5

Total sidenote: Thank you to all of you who have called/texted/emailed today to tell me that what I'm feeling is completely normal. I truly appreciate your sweet words. I am happy to say, I mastered the baby bangs last night and got a good amount of sleep. In all seriousness, you guys are the best! Thank you for your encouraging words.

On the old blog I used to do a list of my favorites every once and awhile. I thought I would continue the tradition over here, but give it a catchy little title like "Fantastic 5." My goal is to do this on a regular basis. I love reading about products and stuff that other people love, so I think this will be fun. (And just FYI, these are strictly my opinions. Nobody is paying me to review any of this stuff, but if they want to I'd gladly accept!)

 Prepare yourself. Today's list is really random.

1. Rubbermaid's Reveal Mop

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

I love a clean house. Something about it just makes me more relaxed and I feel like I can enjoy myself a little more. However, I huh-ate cleaning the floors. And, yes, "hate" is a very appropriate word here. I even used to have an agreement with my roommate that I would clean every other part of our house if she was just responsible for the floors. I would gladly scrub a toilet over mopping. I feel like no matter what method I use or product I try, the floors aren't clean enough. Enter the Rubbermaid Reveal. This was a totally random purchase at our local Sam's, and I'm here to tell is now a must-have for me. Every floor in our house is a hard surface, so that's a lot of sweeping/mopping. Add to that the fact we live in the country and there's just lots of dirt. I refuse to use the old mop and bucket. Too much work and too much mess. In the past I have used other coughcoughSwiffercough products. However, I think they're a little pricey, and I don't like that our dog likes to lick the floor after I've used them. (I've been told that they are very dangerous for pets too. That could be a total urban legend though.) So, I thought I'd try this out. Instant love. It comes with 3 microfiber pads that you just pull off and wash after you use it, AND you fill up the bottle with whatever cleaning solution is best for your floors (or smells best if you are like me). To clean every single inch of floor in our house, I used one pad and not even a full bottle of cleaning solution, which contained a small amount of floor cleaner and water. Hello, money saver! Best of all, it doesn't shoot out tons of water or solution that leaves your floor wet for a long period of time. A must-have, I tell you.

2. Dr. Teal's Soothing Foot Cream

It's definitely flip flop season around these parts. Add to that weekly doctor's appointments where your feet are in the air (it is what it is), and I've become a little compulsive about my feet being smooth. I found this stuff while trying to walk this baby out in our local Walmart, and It. Is. Heavenly. It is like Burt's Bees--which I am totally obsessed with--for your feet. It has just a little bit of cooling tingle to make you think it's doing something miraculous, and I looooovvveeee the peppermint smell. I can actually notice a change in my feet. Best of all, it's like $4.50! I may or may not also be using this as hand lotion too these days. :) 

3. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polish

Coral Reef

As discussed in the previous 5,000 posts, I'm a little bored being home alone these days. One good thing about it is that it has given me time to practice perfecting (or slightly improving because it's a long way from perfect) the at-home manicure. While I love Essie and OPI polish, they aren't the most reasonably priced when you're just wanting to try out a color. I am a big fan of coral right now, and bought this to try out the color. Y'all...this stuff is GREAT! It's thick, but not too thick. The color is perfection in one coat. Best of all, it's under $3! This will definitely be my go-to brand in the future. 

4. My James Avery Charm Bracelet

I love everything about James Avery. (Click on the link to visit their site.) They're just a great, inspiring company who really backs their products up. For example, if you buy a set of earrings there and lose one, they'll replace it for you for a discounted price. I love every piece of jewelry I've ever been given from there. It's high-quality, personal, and just plain awesome. Several Christmases ago, I was given this charm bracelet by my in-laws. It is one of my all-time favorite pieces because each charm means something very special. The "Expect a Miracle" charm was given to me by my BFF, Kelly, in the midst of us trying for a baby. It was such a great reminder to expect God to do big things. I made sure I wore it to every doctor's appointment I had so that comfort of Him working for our good. It is super-special now that it is right next to the little onesie charm my mom bought me that has Emerson's name engraved. It brings tears to my crazy-emotional eyes to see a tangible reminder of God's goodness in our lives. I can't wait to start a charm bracelet for Emerson Kate with special reminders like these.

5. Xhilaration Taryn Sandals from Target

Ohmyword, how I want these sandals. I saw someone post a picture of themselves wearing them on Instagram, and I literally hunted them down. I searched our nearest Target for them, but they didn't have my size. They're only like $15, but I haven't ordered them for two reasons. 1.) Target's website is the worst. Seriously. Love Tar-jay, but their website makes everything too difficult. 2.) I'm rocking some swollen cankles right now, so I'm not even sure if they would fit. After having to have Justin tie my tennis shoes for me the other day, I've stuck to forgiving flip flops until Em arrives. Maybe I'll try these adorable things out post-baby. Don't you all be getting on line and buying them out! 

So, that's my favorite 5 finds as of lately. What are you loving these days? 


  1. 1. What cleaning solution do you use? We've got practically all hard services and definitely need a better mop. 5. I love these shoes! You may want to wait a while on shoe shopping though...My foot went up a whole size after I had Nate!

  2. Oh, those sandals are presh, presh! I wore a size 7 before Syd and now I wear a Size 8 shoe so my feet definitely grew. weird, right? Gonna run out and buy that mop, too! I LOVE cleaning floors but hate scrubbing potties, so we may have to work out an arrangement. I would mop all day long if I could. Can't wait to hear when Em arrives!