Monday, May 28, 2012

Emerson Kate Williams

She's here!

Emerson Kate Williams
Thursday, May 24th
3:10 PM
8 lbs 7 oz
20.5 in.

So, remember when I said I was under no false pretenses that birthing this child would be easy or uncomplicated? I was right. :)

Thursday morning we checked in the hospital at 6:30 AM. By 7:30, I was hooked up to Pitocin, had my water broken {so weird}, and started decent contractions. The only hitch we had was that Emerson was still really high up, so we needed her to make her way down. The whole time I felt pretty good. I mean, the contractions were getting closer and stronger, but they weren't that bad. My doctor came by and said they were going to see if they could "wipe the smile off my face" by really getting me into labor. We had the sweetest nurse who pretty much never left my side the entire time. She would answer any questions I had before I even could ask them, so I felt pretty confident that things would go smoothly. 

The nurse had trouble keeping Emerson's heartbeat on the monitor, which isn't anything new. We thought it was just because she was moving so much that she kept just getting away from it. About 10:00, the nurses decided to see if they could put the internal monitor on her head so that we would have a steady record. When they examined me, she was still really high up and they weren't sure that they were actually feeling her head. Another doctor from my doctor's practice {mine was in surgery until that afternoon} came in to examine me and see if he could get the monitor on her. When he examined me, he said he definitely wasn't feeling her skull...He thought he felt her nose. That meant that she was  NOT in the right position to come out. 

During this time, my contractions were getting much stronger, and Emerson's heart rate would drop drastically. It would come back up fairly quickly, but she was dipping too low for it to be "ok." They put me on oxygen and laid me flat on my back. I was taken off of the Pitocin to hopefully help Em deal with the labor a little better.
Contractions + Oxygen mask = ugh

We stayed that way for awhile. I had contractions pretty much one after the other, and increasing in intensity. Let's just be real...they sucked. Big time. Since she was coming down funky, it was causing me to have major back labor and it just hurt all over. Add to that 10 different people talking to you and asking questions, and I wasn't feeling great anymore. 

The other doctor came in again examined me. This time he said he was sure that he was not feeling her skull, and he was certain I would need a c-section. My doctor was close to being out of surgery, so he wanted her to make the final call. The nurse started prepping me as we waited for my doctor to finish her other surgery. She came in and actually said she thought she poked the baby in the eye. That was the last straw. My doctor ordered an emergency c-section since Emerson was also in distress. Everyone in the room seemed upset or worried about how I would feel about having surgery, but I was totally ok with it. I had a minute as we waited and I sent out a text and Facebook message asking people to say a prayer for us. They definitely did because Justin and I both were completely calm and content with everything that was happening. Even as I was being prepped for surgery, I couldn't have asked for nicer people to be taking care of me. They were cracking jokes and carrying on conversations like we were hanging out at party somewhere. It really put me at ease and I didn't have a chance to think about anything that was happening other than how strange it was to have no control over my body. 

About 35 minutes after being told we would have a c-section, we were here...

Our family of THREE!

It turns out that Emerson was trying to come out with her mouth and chin first-not ideal for a safe birth. She was really swollen on parts of her face, and had a few minor bruises. They were all pretty much gone by the next day though. She has incredibly long fingers and toes, tons of sweet, LONG baby soft hair, and the cutest little face you ever did see. 

In some ways it is surreal to realize we have a baby, and on the other hand it's like she's always been here. I could literally sit and stare at her sweet little face all day long. I'm trying not to spoil her too much, but it's hard when you realize she'll only be this age once in her life.

We're home now. Things are going really well so far. I'm struggling a little bit with breast feeding, but from what I've read when you have a c-section it takes things a little longer to "come in." We're working on it though, and I'm sure things will come together soon. We'll take Emerson back tomorrow to the pediatrician for a weight check, which should prove to be interesting. It'll be our first time to have to get ready to go anywhere with a baby. She's so chill though that I'm pretty certain it will be pretty easy.

I'll update more on our hospital stay, coming home and stuff like that as I have the time.

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  1. She is SO cute! You've definitely given me newborn fever! I LOVE newborn stage! :)

    Wow, I'm so glad your labor and delivery went okay despite the craziness, and that you felt calm. I did see your FB post and prayed.

    You have a awesome!!! :)