Saturday, April 14, 2012

Time Off

I can't say I'm not enjoying a little bit of this time off. It has been nice to sleep whenever I feel like I need to and to relax without worrying about my kids at school. Not to mention that we're having absolutely gorgeous weather around here. It makes me want to open every window of our house, but then you walk outside and inhale a swarm of mosquitoes and think again.

While my days have been spent doing a little crafting...

and enjoying the occasional snow cones...

Justin and my dad have been up to other things. Justin is adding a room on to our house...because he's awesome and can totally do stuff like that. He took a few days off to push through and get as much done as he can before Emerson arrives. He called my dad to meet him yesterday to pick up some sheet rock and stuff because let's face it, I'm not much help in the heavy lifting department lately unless you count lifting myself off of the couch. :)

I should have known getting those two together would end up in something like...

target practice in the pasture.

Before you think we're some kind of doomsday preppers who have targets on hand, we're not. My dad has been a cop for over 35 years and he does a lot of firearms instruction stuff. It's kind of his job to have this stuff, so don't think we're total creepsters. Dad informed Justin yesterday that he is passing down one of his guns to "Emerson" (totally meaning he's giving it to Justin, but one day Justin will pass it down to Em or her husband). The one he is giving "her" is what he used as a duty gun when he was a patrol man. I thought Jus would totally die of glee. He's been wanting a pistol for quite some time now, and had even told me that morning that he found one he wanted for his birthday.

Justin's finished target. He managed to get some really good shots (not including the ones that totally busted Dad's stand! Ha!) Yes, I got in on this action too. I'll spare you the video of me being 8 1/2 months preggo shooting the 22 whilst wearing my pajama pants because nothing else is really as comfy anymore. I will admit that I only hit the target once, but at least it was a kill shot. :)

In the meantime, someone else had fun digging in the dirt.
It's a rough life.


  1. It appears to me that Justin got a shotgun with bird shot instead of a 9mm. Who was shooting at that thing? I tell you what, Justin can shoot at me if he wants to because i know he'll never hit me. hey heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    BTW, Merle, looks great with his lipstick sticking out.

  2. Also, now that you do have a pistol I can't wait to come shoot it with you. You and I will have to have a competition with it to see who the best shooter is boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

    Les, where do you get the snow cones at? That looks really good.


  3. Blake, I didn't even notice that on Merle. Thanks for pointing that out. :)

    If you guys want to hurry up and move back here I'll buy y'all snocones anytime you want.