Friday, April 27, 2012

Making a list...

and definitely checking it twice!

We are in full-baby-arrival-prep-mode around this place. This week has been all about getting prepared for Miss Emerson in any way we can. It's involved hair cuts, manicures and pedicures, doctor's appointments, bag packings, meal makings, and the like.

Wednesday, I went in for my regular baby check-up. My blood pressure was high when they first checked it (I was running late thanks to my Mom, and if you know me at all you know I HATE being late for anything), but it went down after I sat still for a few minutes. The nurse took me back to the exam room, and checked for the heartbeat. Last time, she found it way, way down low, so she started there. She prodded around for awhile and found nothing. I wasn't that worried because I could feel Em doing flips as  the nurse was checking. She ended up finding it right underneath my right rib. :( I was immediately a little disappointed. Em has been head-down and ready to go for several weeks, and the only thing we could figure out from her heartbeat being that high is that she had turned breech.

My doctor came in and said that she didn't like that Emerson's heart rate was a little high, so she put me on a fetal monitor for a non-stress test. I had to lay there for an hour listening to her little heartbeat and her flips and kicks. Her heart rate was immediately in the normal range again. We think she was just riled up from being poked so much or that my blood pressure being raised did it. While on the monitor, the doctor also found her heartbeat right under my ribs. She started talking about our options since Em was breech, and tried to make me feel a little better about her still having time to turn. It came time for the lovely exam part, and the doctor asked the student nurse (who was also in the room) to grab the portable ultrasound machine after she checked me. That confused me a little, but sure enough, she put the wand at the very bottom of my belly and there was Miss Priss' head! She hadn't flipped at all! We sat there stunned for a second that we were seeing her head that low WHILE listening to her heartbeat so far up. It seemed physically impossible. Apparently, the doctor felt her head during the exam (gross) and couldn't believe it herself.  The only thing she can figure out is that Em must be one long and large baby. She jokingly said I should pack some toddler size clothing for the hospital. I told her that was fine as long as she didn't end up telling me there were two babies in there after all of this! Justin swears there's a secret twin we just haven't been able to see until now. My doctor chalks it's up to Em just being "a whole lot of baby." Everything looks fantastic, and I was happy to know that my body had made a little progress toward labor. (I'm at a 1, even though that doesn't mean much.)

So here's the kicker. I go back next Wednesday for a regular check-up, and IF I don't have her by the next Wednesday, which would be the 9th, my doctor wants to talk about early induction or a c-section. She said there's no way I will make it to 40 weeks and she doesn't really want me to. She will induce me at 39 at the very, very latest. She gave several reasons for it. One being Emerson's size and two being my blood pressure history. She'd rather me have a calm, controlled labor than craziness to prevent last minute eclampsia. If she doesn't come before the 9th, we'll do another  growth scan to see exactly how big she is and talk about it from there. Honestly, I am completely ok either way. I have not had my heart set on natural delivery or a section because I have learned that things do not always go as planned. I would hate to be set on doing something a certain way, and have it all fall apart. I am totally fine with whatever is safest for Emerson and for me. This means though that we could have a baby in 2 weeks or less!!! I can't even get my head around that. I mean, I've been in prep-mode for a while, but I think it's just now hitting poor Justin that this kid is coming SOON! I came home Wednesday to him sitting at the table pouring over plans of how to get everything done that he wants to.

In the meantime, I'm trying to soak up every second. We are going to hang out with friends tomorrow. I'm working on getting some meals put in the freezer for when we get home from the hospital. We have a CPR class Monday. Other than that, I'm going to enjoy lazing around in my pjs, reading all I can, and trying to not count the minutes until she arrives. I'm actually a lot calmer about the whole thing that I thought I would be. I'm very Type A, control freak, but I'm honestly ok with whatever comes our way...because she's coming whether we're ready or not! :)

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