Friday, April 20, 2012

An Interview with Daddy

Now that we're nearing the end of this pregnancy, I thought it would be fun to record how we are both feeling about this whole experience and some random tidbits. I'm going to do it in two parts-one from my perspective and one from Justin's. We'll start with his. On our way to Baby Care class last night, I "interviewed" him about his experiences for the past 9 months. Here's how it turned out...

What has been your favorite part of this pregnancy? 
Picking out all of the stuff for her-the crib, the car seat. Doing her room because that's something I did for her-me and nobody else. It makes it more special.

What has been the hardest part? 
The crazy doctor visits. The all-night ER trip. (He's referring to our uncertainty of whether or not Emerson would stick around at the beginning of the pregnancy. We ended up in the ER for about 8 hours one night after a particularly bad episode.)

What has been the easiest part? 
 Being pregnant or not being the one who is pregnant!

What has been your least favorite part? 
You being a whiner. :) (He's joking, people...for the most part.)

Have you had any crazy cravings or sympathy pains? If so, what? 
I haven't had sympathy pains, but I have been craving some Chili-Cheese Fritos. And Chinese food. We've both been hitting the Chinese Kitchen a little hard. 

What are your funny stories of having pregnancy brain? 
Well, there's the day I poured sweet tea all over my Fruity Pebbles, and  yes I was eating Fruity Pebbles. There was the time I took a shower in my socks and didn't realize it until I went to wash my feet. 

What are you most excited about having Emerson?
Actually having her. Just to play with and pat-pat, snuggling if she's a snuggler. 

What are you most nervous about? 
Being able to hold up day to day. Just not getting enough sleep.

What do you want her to learn as she grows up? What's a lesson you want to teach her?
To be independent. To be her own self. How to fart with her back. How to pick her nose. 

Are you nervous about having a girl as opposed to a boy?
Yeah, I guess. Just the whole taking care of the downstairs and diaper changes. Like, what's too far? What's the point where I go from father to SVU? Like, do I stop and call you? Like, that turd went past the point of no return. I don't know what to do. Do you get the nasal thing, but then is that sexual activity with a child? It's weird!

What daddy duty are you most not looking forward to? Dirty diapers, projectile vomiting, bath time?
None of that bothers me. It's just the middle of the night stuff. When's she just awake to be awake and not wanting to go to sleep and crying her head off because she's tired. I can handle the poop and puke. I know it will be gross, especially when it hardens. When she starts eating food that gives her smell in her hookie-pookie-cookie.

Who are you most excited to show Emerson to when she's first born? 
Brother, of course. 

Do you think she'll come early or late? 

How much do you think she'll weigh? 
Around 8ish. 

How long do you think she'll be? 

Do you think she'll be born at day or at night? 

Will you be excited or nervous about when my water breaks and I go into labor? Will you be crazy or calm? 
Calm and collected. When am I ever crazy? Who knows, man, who knows.

Are you comfortable delivering her on the side of the road if you have to? Would you know what to do? 
No.  Well, it's kinda like cutting boards on a table saw. You just sit there and hold, and kinda guide it along. 

Do you think you'll faint in the delivery room? 

Are you going to look past the sheet? 
NOPE! I might get an aerial view, but I'm not getting impact. I'll see her come out, but I don't want aeola (???) I don't want to be all up in your business. I don't want to see the "sun peek through the clouds." 


  1. Don't worry Justin, I didn't want to see the sun peek through my own clouds! Eek! That's scary! And in the years we have had a girl, we have never had to go SVU after a turd. Somehow they stay on the outside junk.

  2. That was hilarious! So fun! :)