Monday, April 9, 2012


Lots of decisions are being made around the Williams' house. Some big, some small. Some fun, others a wee-bit stressful. One decision that was not difficult to make was to sleep in this morning. :) I'd like to personally thank my school district for scheduling this day off for teachers and students. It is GREATLY appreciated.

Decision 1.) What to bring Emerson home from the hospital in.

I got an eye roll from Justin when I said that this decision was stressing me out a little bit, but I know you mommies will understand. It's a lot of pressure to choose this outfit! Tons of pictures that will follow her forever will be taken in whatever outfit I choose. I'm stuck between an easy romper-type onesie (seen on the right), or a dressier smocked dress. If I was having to wear the outfit I would totally go with the romper. I mean, it's already 80+ degrees here, and will mostly like be much hotter when Emmy arrives. Shouldn't she be comfortable? Or is that too casual for this momentous occasion? As of now, I've packed the rompers, but I haven't completely made up my mind. Opinions are welcome.
Um...and can we also notice my baby belly sticking in the bottom of this picture?!?! OMG. I just noticed it. I snapped the pic to send to Kelly to ask for her opinion. Obviously I did not pay close attention to Miss Emerson wanting to be in the picture herself! Ha!!

Decision 2.) Our newest addition

Thursday afternoon when we got home from work, there was a cute little puppy running around our house. That's nothing new. We live in the middle of nowhere, and people's dogs just kind of come and go. Usually Justin is quick to run them off, but something about this one stuck. By the end of the night he had fully adopted Merle as his own. I mean, that's a sane thing to do right? Doesn't everyone adopt a new puppy just weeks before having a baby?

He's as cute as he can be. We're not sure if he's going to be a Lab or a Great Dane or a little of both. One thing is for sure, he's going to be HUGE. So far he's been really sweet and all puppy. He loves to chew, jump, and sit in your lap. He is a definitely a guard dog. He barks at everything....I mean everything. I guess he is sleeping right at our back door and can hear me get up 700 times a night because he barked at me. Every.Single.Time. The best part is, he's given Bella someone to play with. She is over the moon for her little brother.

We've had a problem in the past with Bella running off and getting shot by the neighbors. We've had to keep a pretty tight leash on her, but now with Merle around she has been so great about playing outside and not getting into trouble. She is such a happy pup now. It makes it seem like a more practical decision when you consider her being a happier dog...Right?

Decision 3.) Quitting work.

Well, I shouldn't say "quitting," but I am calling it quits two weeks earlier than I had planned. Yep, this is my last week of school! (And it's a 4-day week!!) I'll try to contain my glee. I really wanted to wait it out and be with my kids through our state testing, but after this last week I have come to the conclusion that it's just not worth it. Sorry. I love, love, love my job...ok, most parts of my job. I didn't really want to give it up this early, but now I am loving my decision.

It came about because we "mock tested" this last week. Basically we act like we're giving the kids the real-deal test and see how they do. I was told that I could be a hall monitor and the lady who would be my long-term sub would test my kids just in case I didn't make it to the real test. I was totally fine with that. We were to start testing at 8:15, and at 8:10 I was told that they overlooked a group and I was needed to test them. Now, while that may not sound like a huge deal, let me explain what testing a group involves. You are required to "actively monitor" the entire time your kids are testing. Actively monitoring means you have to be up and walking the room pretty much constantly. You're allowed to sit some, but at our school it is very frowned upon if an administrator walks in and sees you sitting down even if you've only been there 5 seconds. I walked myself to death the first day. My blood pressure was sky-high, my feet were swollen to ridiculous proportions, and I had several big contractions that night. All of those things were linked to me over-doing it that day. I spoke with our admin about it, and was told that I was still needed to test that group the next day but I could sit down "a little more."

After that I checked the number of sick days and extended leave days I have left, and discovered I could make it through the end of the year without my pay being docked. I'm going for it. No matter how easy I need to take it, or how much I need to relax before Emerson gets here I won't be allowed to do that at work. Plus, at this point in the pregnancy and I am constantly tired and uncomfortable. I don't think I am quite the teacher I used to be in this state. I hate to leave my kids early, but I'm looking out for my own kid at this point. Therefore, I only have 4 days left in the working world until next August! Woohoo!!!

I have lots of plans for that time, but I'm sure I'll get pretty bored rather quickly. I plan on actually making a few of the things I've pinned on Pinterest, cooking some freezer meals to have on hand, and reading as much as possible Book suggestions are welcome!

Now it's time for Decision 4.) What to have for lunch...

Happy Monday!

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  1. i think that Emmerson should be comfortable because you don't want that baby to be mad on the ride home from being too HOTTTTTTTT.

    Also, Merle is going to be a great additon to the family. Justin needs a little testosterone around the home anyways. He now has a male companion to chill with.....that is until we move back there.