Friday, March 23, 2012


Well, I still need to do a post about our baby shower. Maybe I'll get to that this weekend. Our week has been eventful in many other ways though.

Wednesday I went in for my regular 30 week appointment with my doctor. I had the regular blood pressure and weight check, and noticed that the student nurse who did my blood pressure made a funny face when the reading came up. My regular nurse was talking to me, so I don't think she noticed what it was. My doctor was doing a c-section so I ended up waiting in a room for about 45 minutes, which wasn't that bad. When she came in she immediately said she did NOT like how high my blood pressure was. I was a little shocked by that. I mean, it's been a little high before, but she's never been concerned about it. We did our regular check up stuff, and then she personally took my blood pressure again. It was still high. :( We started talking and looking at my chart. It turns out that my BP is high every time I go to an appointment after being at work. It's only my top number that is high, which my doctor says shows a link to stress. (Imagine that! A teacher stressed!) So now, I have to check my blood pressure twice a day and record it. I go back next week to report my numbers and be checked again. If the doctor doesn't like what she sees, I'm out of work 3 weeks earlier than I planned to be.

Oh, we're also having an ultrasound Wednesday because apparently I am growing a teenager! At 30 weeks and 5 days, I measured between 36 and 37 weeks! My doctor laughed it off, but I had a hard time not falling off the exam table in shock. There's no way my conception date is that off since I was on Clomid and everything was monitored so closely in the beginning. The doctor wants us to check and see if Emerson is just a gigantic kid or if she's in a position that is making me measure so far ahead. I'm not that concerned about that part, mostly because my doctor isn't. It would just mean that she would probably come early and through a c-section. If that's what is best for both of us then I'm ok with it.

Honestly, I've made peace with whatever the doctor tells me Wednesday. I don't want to go home this early, mostly because I don't want to lose a week of pay in the end. I also don't want to tick of my administration by leaving right before our state test. However, it would be a whole lot less stressful and easier on me to go early. I'm just praying that whatever is best for the both of us is what will happen. Until then, I'll keep doing what I'm doing and hope Emerson Kate stays put!

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  1. rest up now while you can! :) so excited and can't wait to see precious pictures of miss emerson!!