Sunday, January 29, 2012


I don't know if the nesting bug has hit a bit early or if I'm just getting a burst of energy, but this weekend has been an extremely productive weekend around the Williams house. It's been a long time coming! Just yesterday I managed to get a haircut, clean every room in our house, do 6 loads of laundry, cook one of my most time consuming recipes (enchiladas), AND turn out two outfits and headbands for Little Miss.

I picked out the fabric weeks ago at Joann's and the onesies are simple $3 Walmart specials. My original goal was to put a few lines of cute ruffles on the backside, but I was told that sewing on a knit like a onesie is a real challenge. I'm a VERY novice seamstress, so that stressed me out a little bit. I chose to stick with putting her initial on it with Heat and Bond and making a little posy clip to match. (The flowers can be taken off and used as a hair clip too.) I'll get brave enough to make some ruffled booties soon though.

That wasn't enough for me so I decided to keep going! I found a great tutorial for how to make burp cloths on Pinterest. In the tutorial, the blogger said to "just cut a 9 by 14 inch rectangle." Yeah, easier said that done for this beginner. After a frustrating attempt, I ended up using a value size cereal box as my template. I also used a different fabric than the blogger suggested. She used a chenille, but it's thicker than what I am used to working with. I chose a really soft, cotton that can be easily washed as my backing.

I am SO in love with this fabric!!!! I want to use it everywhere right now. It took me a couple of hours to knock out 4 of them, so speed is not my strong suit! I'm hoping I'll get the craft-bug again soon and make more burp cloths and a diaper strap I've been looking at. I'm sure once nesting kicks in for real I'll have all kinds of projects going on around here.

I can't neglect to mention Justin's productivity too. As of yesterday, Emerson's room is stripped to the studs! The house we live in was Justin's grandparents' house that hadn't been touched in many years before I moved in about 4 years ago. At that time, we sank a lot of money and effort into remodeling almost every inch. The walls and ceiling were all a wide plank panel, and we chose to keep it up but paint it in what will become Em's room. After sheet rocking every other part of the house, we were over it. It worked with what we were using for a guest room, but it didn't go with our vision for a nursery. So now we've decided to strip it down to the studs, add in some much needed insulation, and sheet rock it. He's working on the insulation part as I type! Our goal is to have it painted and ready within 2 more weekends. I am so incredibly thankful to have married a handy-man. Justin is phenomenal at building and designing things. He's a keeper for sure.

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