Friday, January 27, 2012


Let's be totally honest. I've been a big blogger disappointment since launching the new blog. I do apologize. There is simply one excuse...pregnancy has kicked my tail this week. I guess I have been going through a growth spurt or something, and it has been PAINFUL to say the least. I have literally gone home and gotten straight into bed 4 out of 5 days this week. Today seems to be better though, and I am thankful for each day we continue to have a healthy little girl-painful or not. I promise I will put more effort in the blog in the weeks to come though.

In the meantime, I'm linking up with Jeanett for InstaFriday. Basically, you link up pictures you have taken on your cell phone with the Instagram app or some other camera app. Here are my few for the week.

This is my new nemesis obsession. The Phase 10 app. On any given night you will hear Justin and I both trash talking the other players as they purposefully skip us and give each other the cards we need. It is the most frustrating, yet addicting game ever. I have to play at least one game (a full 10 phases) that I win a day to be satisfied. Maybe I need to find a Phase 10 Anonymous group.

This will come as no surprise to those that know me. I am an office supply snob. No, really. I refuse to use anything smaller than a jumbo paper clip, metal, preferably with the no slip grip on them. I loathe plain yellow post-it notes, and it breaks my heart every year when I have to order them for our grade level supplies simply because they're the cheapest. (Don't worry, I fully embrace my weirdness.) My biggest vice though has to be pens. The right pen can make any task better...even grading papers. Enter the Sharpie pens. I bought a set of the plain black ones last year when they first came out, and I LOVED them. Seriously. Loved the pen. Last week I noticed another teacher had a set of COLORED Sharpie pens. I kid you not that I went to Walmart that very afternoon and bought a set. Yes, I paid $9 for a set of pens, and it makes me happy every time I pick one up. It's the little things.

Justin will probably kill me for posting this picture. Sorry, babes. We both finish work about the same time every day, so sometimes we will Facetalk as we finish up our last minute things. Poor thing has had a serious case of sympathy pains during this pregnancy (post to come soon). Here he was showing me his "baby bump." He was cracking me up, so I snapped a pick. I can't wait for Emerson to meet her daddy face-to-face. She will definitely have lots of laughter in her life.

Finally a fortune that is true! I have been craving egg rolls the past few weeks, so Justin gave in and went with me to our local hole-in-the-wall Chinese food place. They have the best egg rolls. I thought my fortune that night was a very applicable one, and a great reminder that His love does conquer all.

So, that's all I've got this week. Go check out the other pics at Life Rearranged. Happy Friday!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh I love office supplies and pens too. I am just a tiny bit obsessed!